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Selecting the product
Choose an article within a category under menu item “product”. The color of the product can be changed anytime under “product color” (found on the left side under “view”).


Selecting the motif
We sectored our motifs in categories which you can select and view through the Drop-Down Button next to “Print” and “Embroidery”. Most of the motifs are available for Embroidery and Print so you can choose a finish process after selecting the motif. Through clicking on the motif it jumps on the textile with your selected finishing process. You can also choose a finishing process (Embroidery or Print) beforehand and then view certain motifs within their categories.

Placing the motif
You can Drag&Drop the motif wherever you would like to put it. In order to do that, please, pull the motif onto the selected area with your mouse and let go. As soon as you move the motif with your mouse, ledger lines will appear to help place the motif on the article in a symmetrical way.

Resizing the motif
The motif can be resized by clicking and holding down the Resize-Symbol on the motif’s lower right corner. That way it can be scaled up or down.

Deleting the motif  
By clicking the trash symbol (lower left corner of the motif) you can remove the motif from the product. You cannot undo the delete procedure.

Duplicating the motif
By clicking the duplication symbol (upper left corner of the motif) you can duplicate the motif and place it through Drag&Drop.

Rotating the motif
By clicking and holding down on the swiveled arrow symbol (upper right corner of the motif) you can rotate the motif.


Designing text and elements
You can edit the text and different elements in our Designer. You can change letters and text in the input fields as well as the colors by clicking on the color point. In addition you can completely fade out the color as well as fade it back in by clicking “on”.

Designing further motifs and free text
Once you are finished designing your motif you can add another motif on the same page or change the view and place the same motif on the sleeve or back or simply a new one. Free text can be designed and placed as well.

The same motifs and free texts can be placed in different views by duplicating them and pulling them onto the desired spot through Drap&Drop.

My text

My text 
Your own text can be entered here to place it above or below a motif or picture, for example. Of course, there is the possibility to just have a text embroidered or printed without a picture. You can change your text in color, font and size as well as variegate the line spacing, bend the text and change the alignment.

Photo Upload

Photo Upload
By clicking the slider “Photo Upload” in the Designer you can choose your file from the folder to upload it or pull it into the grey field through Drag&Drop to archive it. You can use pictures with the file formats jpg, png or gif.
Afterwards you can position the picture on the product and change the size and form. If you choose a photo frame check mark “fit picture into frame” or don’t do it deliberately.
You can add a caption above or below the picture by combining it with the possibility of “My text”.

Sharing the motif

Sharing the motif
If you would like to share your finished piece of clothing on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest you can use the Social Media buttons below the zoom function on the left side.
If you would like to share your design via email just copy the link in the address bar of your browser while being in the Designer. This link will regenerate anew with every transfiguration. This way you can save your piece of clothing to your favorites in the browser if ,for example, you would like to continue your purchase at a later time.

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