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How do I put in an order?

  1. Either choose an article first and then design it or design the preset piece of clothing directly in the Designer and choose the according article afterwards.
  2. Enter the correct size and quantity of the product.
  3. Put your article in the shopping cart
  4. Review your order
  5. Go to Check Out and finish the Order-and Payment process.

You can also order neutral articles without finishing.

Is there a minimum order value?

No, there is no minimum order value because we are structured in a way to produce from one piece on.

Can I return personalized products?

Personalized products are articles designed by yourself individually.

Because individualized products can only be used by you, we ask for your understanding that we unfortunately cannot offer returns. The sustainability and eco friendliness of our work is really important to us. If we accepted returns of individualized products we would have to dispose them. Please, support us in protecting the environment and essentially review your order to make sure everything meets your needs. Thank you!

Can I put in a Special Order?

Yes, Special Orders are considered everything you cannot find in our shop. If you have special requests ,please, email us under info@smake.com or via the contact form. We are looking forward to submit an individual offer to you.

Block pricing

If you need larger quantities, we gladly assist you. Depending on the volume we can offer to set up your own shop with a logo and fixed articles. Simply send us your request via email to info@smake.com and we will generate an individual offer for you.

Your advantages with HORSE Shirtful

  • high quality products from fair trade
  • unique production methods
  • fast delivery times
  • custom-made products by request